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shl   SHL provides the insight for organisations to make better people decisions. Our solutions help maximise business performance and deliver real return on HR investment.
    talent_mobility Talent Acquisition  maximising recruitment quality
We help you hire faster and smarter, saving time and money, while increasing recruitment quality, productivity and retention.
    volume_recruitment Volume Recruitment maximising quality in key, high volume roles
The greater the number of candidates, the harder it is to select the best. We help you manage high application volumes by sifting out unsuitable applicants online and quickly identifying the strongest candidates – all in a fair and candidate-friendly way.
  graduate_recruitment Graduate Recruitment  finding the leaders of the future
Attracting the best talent is vital to future organisational performance. Our experience and insight from assessing three million graduates every year, more than any other solution provider, ensures you identify your future leaders before your competitors.
  professional_hire Professional Hire hiring people who drive business performance
To succeed, organisations need the right people at the top. Yet research over the past 25 years concurs that almost half of all leadership teams fail. We help you identify the styles, values and abilities that can lead your organisation to success.
  talent_mobility Talent Mobility engaging and mobilising talent
The ideal candidate for your new job opening may already work for you. We help you understand your talent and align it to the right roles within your organisation.
    talent_audit Talent Audit uncovering the gap between required and actual talent
Can your current workforce really execute your business strategy? We help define your requirements and evaluate your people against them, identifying any gaps and benchmarking talent across your organisation.
  succession_planning Succession Planning identifying the potential for more senior roles
We make the most of your existing talent by helping you spot potential high-flyers, measure their aspirations, strengths and suitability for future opportunities, and align them to your future business goals.
  employee_development Employee Development identifying developmental needs
We help you understand organisational and individual development needs, implement appropriate development plans and measure their ongoing effectiveness.
talent_analytics   Talent Analytics quantify the impact of your talent programmes
Are your people performing to their full potential and delivering your strategies? Are you even attracting the right staff? Using our Talent Analytics™ database of People Intelligence, we give you real insight on talent as a source of competitive advantage and organisational effectiveness.


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What Our Clients Are Saying

CEB’s SHL Talent Measurement Solutions shares common principles and values with our organization in developing leadership skills. Their solid knowledge and experience are performed through professional services which are proven to be useful to the organization. It is with our confidence that CEB’s SHL Talent Measurement Solutions will be an excellent partner in the long run. ~Head of Management Development, Astra International